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Muzz Makes a (Few) Base(s)

How did you get here?

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Welcome to muzzmakesabase, a fledgling base community!

Find me colorimetry or animatedcardigan on AIM
Age 23
Favourite number 3
Favourite colour Red, obviously :)
Occupation Non-librarian in a library
Interests & activities Horseback riding, refinishing furniture, Italian history
Books The Aeneid, Middlesex, The Wine-Dark Sea
Movies Hard Candy, Ordinary People, The Saddest Music in the World
Music Against Me!, Bomb the Music Industry!, The Go! Team, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The New Pornographers, Say Anything, Streetlight Manifesto
Television 30 Rock, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Monk

How I work I use mspaint exclusively.
Hotlinking Don't do it! Sites like Photobucket exist for a reason. If you need help, feel free to ask!
Credit Not necessary, but it's nice. You're welcome to credit me (or not...credit me) however you wish, including using the fancy buttons below.
Requests I accept them! You can find all the info here.
Taking/using Go for it! Use them for icontests, whatever. Just don't pass them off as your own.
Image formatting I save all my files as PNGs. They do take longer to load, but there's much less generation loss on them as opposed to JPG.
Created February 24, 2006
Friends only February 20, 2007

Workbook Stock
Google Image Search
The Apple Student Gallery

(I won these three before muzzmakesabase was created.)

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If you'd like to link to me, you're more than welcome to use a text link or a button! If you do use a button, I'd appreciate you uploading it to your own server, such as Photobucket.